#The Old Web

I wasn't born in the eighties or nineties but I do like that style. So what better place than to put it than here? I also used this framework for this site.

I am a full-stack developer whho has participated in many full-stack OSS projects. Whether it is Nodium or Nodetube, I've helped!

I mostly use web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JS for style work but when it comes to backend I love using NodeJS.


Like I said earlier, I've helped on a couple full-stack OSS projects.


Nodetube is a 100% open source full-stack youtube alternative. Built on NodeJS, it has 100's of features!


Started by me, Nodium is a full-stack Medium alternative that offers moderation, admins, and normal user accounts.


Macinstyle is a still-in-development CSS framework to look like macOS Big Sur.

#Reach Out

You can reach out to me by opening an issue here or by using any of the below links!